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    Sue Wheeler was a twin born in south Cheshire in 1954. She trained as a secondary school teacher and taught in a number of schools before her current role as a School Improvement Adviser with a Local Authority. Sue married Andy in 1977 and relocated to the West Midlands. They have one dog; Chloe a black Labrador.


    Her twin brother Alan died in 2000 at the age of 45, after a five year battle with bowel cancer. Her Mum died in 2005 after two and half years fighting breast cancer. Within two weeks of her own diagnosis for breast cancer Sue decided she would write a diary about the year of treatment.  She surprised herself (and others) by remaining very strong and focussed throughout. Sue edited her diary for publication so she could share her experiences, both as a positive role model and support for other cancer patients in the future. 


    Sue now works part time and enjoys dog walking, gardening, cooking and spending time with friends and family.


Wearing my wig